Sunday, June 12, 2011

I'm off to Toronto...

A couple of weeks ago I discovered that Imaginism Studios in Toronto Canada are taking four students for an intensive workshop. This was an opportunity not to be missed, so I put through my application straight away. A few days later I was advised that I'd be having a Skype interview with Thierry Lafotaine and Bobby Chiu. This was enough to get me nervous. These guys are the best in the concept art business and I was going to get to talk to them!

During the interview I got to talk about my work, the workshop, and how messy Bobby Chiu's desk is. :)

After a couple of weeks of playing the waiting game (I'm impatient, so it was a long two weeks!), I received an email on my phone at 5 this morning with the words- CONGRATULATIONS! I couldn't believe it, and I still can't. I've been chosen out of who knows how many applicants to join three others to live with senior artist Thierry Lafotaine in the Imaginism House for a month and learn, learn, learn!

I think it will take a while to actually sink in! :)

I'm going to keep my blog updated with a video diary while I'm over there from October 2 to November 2, so stay tuned.

Hmmmm I think Toronto may be very chilly in October. :S

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