Saturday, October 8, 2011

Imaginism Adventures...Day 5

Well it's the end of day 5 at the Imaginism Workshop, and I'm feeling so great about everything. My drawing techniques are getting stronger, my digital skills are also getting stronger, I'm feeling inspired and motivated. Things are so good!

We had our first official digital painting lesson with Bobby Chui, and his techniques are helping me a lot! We've really only just scratched the surface with digital painting, so I can't wait to learn more from Bobby. I want to get every little bit of knowledge from him, Kei and Thierry while I'm here.

We ended the day on a trip into Downtown Toronto for two art shows. I'm really starting to love Toronto. I think that may be because it reminds me so much of Melbourne!

3 weeks of Imaginism Workshop left. It's going way too fast!

Augusto, Downtown Toronto

The awesome studio in the Imaginism House
Yes, we drink A LOT of juice in the Imaginism House.

Another great day over, and a whole heap of new techniques learned.

We have a day off tomorrow, so it's time to catch up on the less exciting my washing. Then, for something different, I think I'll draw! HAHA!

If it's a good day on Sunday, Thierry is going to take us to see the park. Possible sketching opportunities, and more great times with great company. :)

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