Thursday, January 26, 2012

She is Thorne...

I've been slaving over this piece for the past few weeks, leaving it for a few days then coming back to it.

Thorne is a character I've had rolling around in my head for just over a year now. Some may remember some early sketches of her. She's definitely come a long way since then! She belongs in either a full length novel or a graphic novel of some kind. There is definitely a story brewing, but I won't know where it's heading until I start to write it.

I don't know much about Thorne, but she's a guardian of some kind in an urban gothic setting. I've got ideas for possibly a modern gothic type Heaven. Thorne could be an angel of some kind; a bad-ass gothic angel with hot pink guns (those who have read 'Children of the In-between' know that I have a fascination with the after-life). She will also have a team just as bad-ass. I know that Thorne will be introduced into this team, not the other way around. The team will be rogues of some kind.... many ideas rolling around!

Stay tuned for more characters as my story progresses!

Thorne: created in Photoshop CS4