Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Giraffes

Entitled: The Giraffes
Medium: Soft pastel on watercolour paper

Ok, I've been major slack with my blog of late, so here's something to show that I have been working on....

Completely different to my other stuff. I didn't actually know I was capable of work like this, but look! I am!
Actually, when I went to get this piece framed, they like it so much they offered me an exhibition. Pretty pleased with myself! So, this means, over the next few months I'll be creating some more wildlife pieces like this.
So if you're in the Ballarat area around July, get into Masterpiece Frames and check out my work.
May even start to market myself as a wildlife illustrator. Who knows!


  1. Afraid not, Liana. You may have to fight Bing for it! :D