Sunday, February 21, 2010

Little Shiny Robot Dude...

So as my fans would already know, I do a lot of work for Ballarat band Geneva Spur (formally known as BJ Lloyd & the Cold December), and I've been fortunate enough to get another opportunity for a new gig poster.  A new image for the band, a new logo, means more exciting work for me!
I basically get total creative freedom with these posters, so I get to play around with some different techniques (it also gives me a chance to create kooky new characters!).

The little robot dude doesn't have a name yet, so for the meantime we'll just call him 'Shiny little robot dude'. Please feel free to submit any name ideas! :)

Look how he started out. Just a quick sketch in Illustrator, then a trace with the Pen tool, and the beginning of some blocked-in colours...

He may make some more appearances in the future, so stay tuned!

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