Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Imaginism Adventures... Day 16

It's digital painting week here at the Imaginism Workshop House. Hooray!

I thought I'd reveal the giant improvement in quality and speed of my work so far. These are paintings of the same apples in grey tones. We were given a time limit of half an hour to complete each painting, and as you can see, the improvement from one apple to the other is quite significant.

In one day I've learnt how to speed up my painting while still retaining quality...well even better quality. Judge for yourself...

Attempt 1- half an hour
Attempt 2 - half an hour


  1. Wow, this is really impressive. Can you say any more about what you did differently in the second one?

  2. Hey Marc. It was all about knowing where to put the right strokes. Knowing what to put where really helped me with speed and quality of each stroke because I knew WHY I was painting each one. I'm really understanding light also. It's not just seeing where the light is and where it's coming from, it's understanding why it's there and why it does what it does.