Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Imaginism Adventures...Day 15

Day 15? Seriously, where are the days going? This is whizzing past, and I don't like the speed in which it's travelling.

I had yet another great day yesterday. We had another Subway Sketching session, which is always interesting. Who knew that drawing total strangers sitting around could be so fun? I must say though, I don't like it when they catch me drawing them. As soon as they become 'aware' of what I'm doing their whole demeanor changes and their 'inner character' disappears. Yesterday, for instance, a dude stuck his head behind his newspaper grumbling something about 'invading his privacy'. If you're in a public place we can draw you all we want, dude!

Other than the coffee that someone spilt on the train floor, and the loud-speaker announcements that we weren't meant to hear, it was a pretty successful session. Subway Sketching is a great exercise. I'm finding that it's giving me a better sense of the human form and drawing more natural positions - my drawings aren't as 'stiff'. I'm still exercising the method of finding the essence of the character, but it's definitely coming through clearer than it was before.

After Subway Sketching we made a visit to Labyrinth Books - very cool place. This place has MAD art books, and most I've never seen on Australian shelves. I'm a lover of  'The Art of...' books, and this place is full of them! I found a couple of bargains hidden away in a dark corner of a shelf - two audio books by Neil Gaiman. Jackpot! It pays to think differently when searching for bargains- 'Now, if I was a Neil Gaiman audio book that has been in this store for ever, where would I be?'

Finished off the day with burgers and olive bread from Cobbs. T always buys them out of it. He actually reserved all their olive bread beforehand. HAHA!

A bit of subway sketching

Getting in the mood for Halloween

He told me he had an itchy nose

Did you know that Cobbs Bread in Canada is the same company as Bakers Delight in Australia? Same logo, colour scheme, shop outlay, products, uniforms- all of it! I thought I'd entered the Twilight Zone when I went in there for the first time.

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