Sunday, January 1, 2012

Emma Fire Starter...

This is a piece I created over the last few days. I based her on a character from the book 'Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children' by Ransom Riggs (Quirk Books). Those avid followers of my blog will remember a previous post I wrote about this book.

In the book Emma looks 17, but is closer to 75. Emma can create fire and contain it in her hands. As you can see, I chose to depict her here as a little girl. I just thought she'd look a whole lot creepier, and she does!

This was an interesting exercise for me illustrating Emma as a child. I think this gives the character more depth and gives us a better understanding of her backstory as a 'peculiar child'. I'm going to create 17-year-old Emma very soon. This will be something I've never tried before- the same character at different ages. I'll be very interested to see how this next Emma turns out.

As well as Emma, I plan to do some more pieces based on characters from Ransom Riggs' book. Stay tuned!



    Been done.

  2. Well, Anonymous, what a nice and friendly thing to leave on my blog. Especially as 'anonymous', so I'm unable to speak to you directly.
    I'm sure there is a lot of artworks out there that have similar themes.
    If you don't like my work, don't read my posts and don't leave comments. Thank you.

  3. 1. If you don't want feedback, don't provide the option to leave comments. As an artist, you're going to need the ability to handle criticism more constructively than "go away and don't talk about my work". Not everyone is going to say "zomg that's really awesome!", and you need to come to terms with that.
    2. There are similarly themed artworks, I'm sure, but I'm yet to see anyone poach someone else's character, and then call it "my creation". I'm no expert in the field, but that's not "similarly themed", it's a ripoff of someone else's hard work.
    3. How you inferred that I don't like your work from a link and 2 words, I have no idea. Perhaps it's your insecurities, which would also explain why you can't handle criticism as well. Either way, your talent is undeniable. Your originality, on the other hand, could use some work.

  4. Anonymous, I definitely welcome critisism of my work, but what you offered was not constructive at all. If I was unable to take critisim I would have chosen a different profession. Your comment was just disrespectful.
    As my blog post states, I have based the piece on a character from a great book, so obviously the character is not from my own mind but from the desciptions I've taken from the book. I've stated this very clearly where this piece has been posted, so I am defintiely not claiming that this is an original character from my own imagination.
    I don't see how this is 'plaguerism'. A lot of artists use this technique. I have never heard of this character you refer to that has 'been done'.
    I'm sorry you feel that I have done something wrong here, but I think it is very unfair that you're accusing me of something I didn't do. That is not constructive at all.